People either love Utah or they hate it. I can't quite understand the haters. I, myself, do not ever plan on returning to Utah because of our current job path, but I love that place. I loved it when I lived there, but I think I love it more now that I have let time blur some of the reasons we so badly wanted to leave. 

Utah is home of some of the best people I have ever met. The kind of people who drop whatever they're doing to clean loads of laundry for someone who is unable to do so. The kind of people who drop by freezer meals because they saw a stressed face at church and felt inclined to make an extra portion. The kind of people who make a pot of stroganoff to feed a dozen or so, just in case a family of five drops by to say hello around dinnertime. The kind of people who invite anyone to come pick the strawberries they've been growing all summer. 

You get the picture. Utah is home to some amazing people. Most of our closest friends still reside there, and oh how I miss them. 

We went to Utah two weeks ago to visit some old friends. We saw twelve different friends/families in five days. It was a whirlwind of a vacation, but it was amazing. We enjoyed the colorful fall leaves and cool autumn air every morning and evening. We ate the world's best buttermilk bar from the Provo bakery. We met a new cousin. We picked chicken eggs from the coup. The kids ran around all day everyday until the sun went down. The men shot rifles and the women got pedicures. We drank plenty of delicious dirty cokes. And we burned the midnight oil talking to our BFFLFR, which was probably my favorite part. 

Our best friends are like family to us. I communicate with Whitney by some form of technology at least once a day. And rarely does a Saturday pass without Tim and Rusty rehashing all the football games. Rusty is probably the only person in the world that I would allow to call us past 10pm, but you know men and their sports...sports always need immediate attention. I think my only regret about not ever returning to Utah will be that I will never live close to them. I'd even consider living in that small 10-person town they live in (or was it 50 person?), if it meant being close enough to share a cup of sugar with that girl. Someday maybe...when we're 50? 

p.s. no animals were hurt while shooting these pictures. they just may never approach children again. 


  1. My favorite weekend ever. And if we can live next to each other when we are 50, I'll take it and start counting the days.

  2. Looks like a fun trip! Glad the weather was beautiful!


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