Last Sunday the speakers were assigned the topic: Can God trust me? Quite frankly, I think it is a very odd topic and probably would've turned down the assignment had I been chosen. I mean, it's not really a topic; it's a question, and a really personal one at that.  I mean, my word...the question made me squeamish in my seat, and I didn't even have to utter one word.

And yet as odd as the topic is/was, I am still thinking about it, which must mean that the leader of our congregation was inspired in some way. The talks were good, but you know, I was dealing with the whole V sans panties issue and Elle fussing 75% of the time that I only really heard about 3-5 minutes of the whole meeting. However, what I heard in those few moments has kept my mind reeling.

Like I said, I have no back story to how the speaker got to the part that stood out to me, but here is the part that I heard in the best way I can summarize it: I have no idea whether behavioral characteristics, such as yelling, lashing out in an abusive manner, gossiping, moping, holding grudges, being overly pessimistic, etc., are innate or learned. And I have no idea why God put us in families with these certain behavioral weaknesses, but what if God put us in families with weaknesses because he trusted us to know that we would be the one to break the cycle. We might be the person who is brave enough to say "No, I'm not going to give in to that. I can be better. And it's going to be hard, but with His strength I can do it."

Those words spilled all over my thoughts this week. I have no idea if she is right, but I thought it was an arousing thought. We've all got our own issues, and what if God gave us those issues because he knew we could break the trend. He knew we would be the ones to search for a solution, and more than that, He knew we would be brave enough to work toward that solution.

So can God trust me to be better than I am? I think so. I hope so.

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