a few things before my bed engulfs me.

tonight as i was running, i thought about me...oddly enough. i thought about my likes/dislikes, my hobbies, my virtues/vices, my passions, my apathy, my curiosity, and my interests. i am different than i used to be. better in some ways, worse in others. i am constantly changing. perhaps, i'm a shapeshifter.

here is a little bit about me on this cool november night when all i smell is the cinnamon scent of a small, red candle and all i see are dimly lit corners:

1. i am beginning to crave music again. and not just the run of the mill radio stuff--the good stuff. the stuff you have to discover and dig for. and the stuff i can dance to.
2. i feel more and more claustrophobic these days. i used to be okay with ten, twenty, heck...fifty people funneled into a house for a party. these days, eight is just about my limit.
3. i still love eliza's chocolate chip cookies. i have tried so many others, but nothing will ever replace that cookie.
4. i am very much into tim lately, if you haven't noticed. he's noticed...don't worry.
5. i am itching to buy a sturdy leather bag. i blame it on you felicity porter.
6. i believe in angels, and i talk to one in particular quite frequently. i feel her everywhere.
7. i've decided to become an artist. not a good one--let's not get crazy, but i am drawing a lot more these days. it feels good to create something.
8. i can't think of too many virtues. i can think of way too many vices.
9. i wish i could walk in high heels without looking like a twit. i have the legs for them, but i don't have the feet for them. man, they hurt my feet.
10. i am searching for new hobbies but am satisfied with the ones that currently take up my free time.
11. i hate my dog today. i'll start over tomorrow, but i hate him today.
12. i like oreo milkshakes a lot.
13. i can't figure out why i don't eat cheap mexican food every day of my life. it is so, so good here.
14. i feel indifferent about diet coke. i can't understand the love people have for it.
15. i am curious about judiasm.
16. black is my favorite nail polish color.
17. i still think the only way to eat cottage cheese is with baked lays.
18. i don't sleep well at night. i lie awake thinking about everything and nothing.
19. i dislike 75% of my furniture and want to sell it all to start over. someday...
20. one of my biggest vices is having a gypsy soul.

well, i'm tired. i really am. i decided my kids conspired against me last month and decided to stick it to the man (aka mom) and wake me up way too early every morning. nothing has really worked out this week. i took mya to the doctor monday because she wasn't feeling well, and it turns out she was in the beginning stages of pneumonia. what? we live in some of the coldest states and she doesn't get more than the common cold, but we move to sunny san diego and some how she ends up getting pneumonia? explain that one to me. so she's home from school, which is just the best. ;) you know she has a knack for causing trouble. but i do feel kinda bad for her and her pathetic wheezing. it's so pathetic i actually believe her.

let's hope she gets on the mend soon because i really want to enjoy my turkey next week.


  1. Love that gypsy soul. And I think it's great that you are looking for good music. Since you have Pandora, might I suggest the Class Actress station? Class Actress is one of my faves. It was the sound track of my life for 2012. It's super dancey and fun. Just do it. I also love The Knife, Phantogram, Thom Yorke, Radio Head, The Kills, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, Empire of the Sun, St. Vincent, The Strokes, The xx , and of course Twin Shadow. Those are some bands to start with. Happy Listening! Xo, A

  2. I'm glad my cookies are still workin' for you :)... let me tell you about diet coke, I LOVE it, if you want to know why just go get one from McDonalds, they do it so right. I wish I hated it but I don't. And do you know if Albertson's still sells that amazing cottage cheese you used to bring us in College? I still am trying to find one that at least somewhat matches its amazingness but have had NO luck. I like these thought lists of yours, they are a great way to learn about someone, goodnight!

  3. CRAP, that was from me, Eliza, Tyler doesn't bake cookies :)


"Be kind and considerate with your criticism... It's just as hard to write a bad book as it is to write a good book." Malcolm Cowley