This girl is going to be the one to rack up our medical bills. Remember last year when she was fell on her face and cut the side of her eye just enough to look like she could be an extra in Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video? This year's accident was worse, much worse.

I can hardly look at the picture now. Gross.

On the last night of our Thanksgiving trip to Arizona, V was running around the house with Mya and Hayden while my mom and I prepared dinner. I heard Tim ask the kids more than once to stop running and sit at the table. Of course, no one listened. Kids will be kids, you know? And just as Tim was turing around to ask me something we heard the scream--the scream of all screams. I continued making dinner because I figured she slipped on the tile again, but I was wrong. The next thing I know I hear Tim muttering, "You've gotta be kidding me! You've gotta be kidding me!" I dropped the half-microwaved pizza and ran into the other room only to find blood gushing all over the place and all over the new shirt I just bought Tim. (I'm embarrassed to admit that I actually worried about the new shirt for more than a second.)

Anyway, back to the story. We don't know how it happened because all the responsible adults were in the kitchen, but after piecing the story together, we think she ran into the glass table top coffee table after slipping on an air mattress. Point for the coffee table! She must've been running at such a rapid speed because she cut it to the bone. Again, gross.

I hurried and calmed the other kids and my nervous parents and collected all the necessary items (ie, Minnie Mouse nightgown, binkie, plain M&Ms and a blanket) so that Tim and I could head to the emergency room. Tim sat quietly in the bathroom with V trying to stop the blood. She was freaking out so it took him awhile to get her to calm down because she wouldn't respond to anything until he asked her if she wanted to say a prayer. She agreed and went suddenly very calm. I don't really know all that he said in the prayer or all that happened afterwards because I was doing other things, but Tim later mentioned how that prayer meant a lot to him. He said, "It just amazes me what kids understand, especially when I feel like they don't listen to me very well."

We finally managed to find the ER, and after a ridiculous amount of time waiting for someone to treat her, she was all glued and bandaged. The damage should be minimal once it heals. I take pride in knowing that although she has Tim's face, she now has mama's scar (I have a scar in the exact same place from a scooter incident when I was 7).

I feel the need to mention how tender V really is. I know she can be completely insane and spacey, but she has a heart of gold. At the hospital all she wanted was to sit with her daddy and to twirl mama's hair. She held my hand when her head hurt really bad and when the doctor came in to glue it back together. I loved feeling her chubby little hand squeeze mine so tightly.

The next morning I witnessed a sweet moment: Mya refused to leave her side. She held her hand while they watched cartoons in bed. Mya kept kissing her cheek and saying, "You're so brave Genevieve. I love you."

Yes Genevieve, you are so brave. We are so glad it happened to you and not to Mya because that would've been a real nightmare.

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  1. poor little V... i know how she feels, I had stitches 4 times, my poor parents... you poor parents. lets just say I hate coffee tables. I'm glad you little sweetie is okay.


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