out with the old, in with the new

With the close of the year rapidly approaching, I keep thinking about the goals I made and intended to keep throughout 2013.

I didn't write many hand-written notes. It will be my life long goal to write more thank you and "just because" notes to people. If you could look on the note app on my phone, you would find dozens of lists of people I think about everyday and intend to write notes to, emphasis on the intend. I think the problem with notes is that I want them to be meaningful, and I can't really write anything of real value in under five minutes so I just forgo the whole idea, but that's the wrong mentality and I know it. Someday I will be better about this.

I didn't learn to sew anything. I had grand plans to buy a used sewing machine, but you know how things go. Money got a lot tighter moving to California so that will just have to remain on my list for another year.

I do think I cooked healthier dinners over the course of the year. If you know me, you know I love cheese in any meal so the first thing I did when I tried to revamp our eating habits was decrease the cheese intake. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Now if I could just decrease my salt intake. I will die by salt--I swear. My tombstone will probably read, "She would've had an extra year if only she could've put down the dang salt packets."

I shed the seven baby pounds. It took more work than I imagined, but I did it. I am stronger than I've ever been, and I like it.

I've definitely smiled more.

I am in a really good place with Tim and the girls right now. That's not to say that I don't have bad moments because I do (I swear just the other night I ran upstairs mumbling...I really don't like these kids right now), but on the whole, I am learning to let go of the small things (unless the small thing is being nice to Santa because Mya refused to talk to him the other night, and I would have none of that so I acted like a complete ninny. The recent memory is weighing heavily on my shame scale.)

I failed at the cursing less goal. In fact, I think I've picked up an extra word or two, but we all have our weaknesses, right? Right?!

I birthed no babies in 2013. Wahoo! Just the absence of medical bills alone was a nice change of pace.

I definitely hugged my girls at least ten times a day. I tell you what--my kids are loved. As much as I dislike physical affection, I am really good at giving it to my girls. I kiss their dirty, sticky little faces as often as I can because I know the day will come all too soon when they'll be asking me to drop them off a half a mile away from school just so their friends wont see them. Boo on that day. Boo.

Amusing Tim. Hmm. I wonder what I meant by that one. Things with Tim have never been better. Never. I have worked very hard at getting to the place we are at. I've sacrificed a few personal comforts and desires, and it's been worth it.

I did not run a half marathon, but I am running one in March. So I almost got this one.

My car is still as messy as ever. I hate having a messy car. It makes me grumpy, but I can't seem to keep the kids from throwing their crap all over the place. I can't tell you how many goldfish I find smashed into the carpet or how many empty fruit snack wrappers I find hidden in little crevices. Blah on this goal. Blah, blah. I hate you messy car.

V knows 10 letters by sight and sound. She sings the alphabet song loud and proud multiple times a day. She can also count to 15. I also potty trained V at the beginning of the year. I still maintain that I did it too soon, but I do think her little developing mind understands that accidents are lame, so she is sooo much better these days. My washing machine thanks her.

Mya knows all her letters. She is writing and reading like a mad woman. Thank goodness for school. I did as much as I knew how and school is filling the gaps.

I read ten books this year. Reading, like writing, completes me. It expands my mind in a way I can't explain. You know how musicians talk of always having melodies in their head, I have words swirling around mine.

And the last goal...looking up instead of down. I am doing this so much more these days. It is hard to kick the pessimist out of this old crab shell of mine, but it is slowly happening.

And so...out with those old goals of mine. For this upcoming year, I am choosing to keep my one goal to myself. I have it written down in a place I see everyday, but I do not feel it is time to make it public yet. It has to do with healing broken things, one thing in particular. I am excited for 2014. I really am. But don't worry, I still plan to enjoy the holidays first. I mean, c'mon, we do have our first private Russian Christmas party to attend this weekend, and I just know that's going to be wild. And I love being wild.

Have you started pondering your new year's resolutions?

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  1. What a great time to evaluate goals! I think for 2014 I am going to focus on one goal a month because if I have too many goals all over the course of a year I end up frazzled and not getting any of them done. We'll see, I guess. You always inspire me with your writing!


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