5 things to do as a family in miami

1. Eat lots of Cuban food and flex your Spanish skills (We ate at two different places. Both were amazing: El Palacio de los Jugos and Las Vegas. And just so you know, you should definitely order multiple drinks from El Palacio de los Jugos because they will blow your mind.)

 2. Visit South Beach (There are so many beaches to choose from, but this is one of my favorites because while the kids soak up the sun and play in the warm water, Tim and I got to enjoy the beautiful Art Deco architecture lining the beach.)

3. Take an airboat ride and search for alligators. We found a great BOGO coupon at Gator Park so it was extremely cheap for our family of 5. The girls loved it, and even if you don't find an alligator, the boat ride is worth the trip.

4. Stroll down the colorful streets in one of Miami's historical districts called the Wynwood Walls. Seeing as we have a budding artist on our hands we thought we would take Mya to see all the graffiti. I wish you could've seen her eyes. I wish you could've seen my eyes. This is the stuff that makes me tick. Art galleries and shops are set up around the neighborhood so there is lots to do and see. Plus, the girls got to run around for a bit instead of being cooped up in the car.

5. Eat the most amazing homemade ice cream at Jaxson's. I'm telling you this place is the real deal. I know an ice cream parlor is legit when just as I walk the front doors I am surrounded by old school candy and trinkets. I think we all gained two pounds after eating our chocolate suicide ice cream, but it was worth it.

And as a side note that should not be left unsaid, Ft. Lauderdale has some amazing beaches too. Just after leaving Jaxon's on our final afternoon in Miami, we decided to hit the beach one last time. We lucked out and had the beach all too ourselves. Well, I guess we did have to share it with the seagulls. We opted out of wearing our swimsuits because we thought the water would be too cold because the weather was a bit breezy that day, but it turned out the water was so warm that we all just decided to drench our street clothes.

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  1. You take such fabulous photos of your darling girls!


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