before i write anything of real value...

oh hey. it's been awhile. sorry about the unannounced hiatus, but you know how vacations go, or at least i hope you do. we spent most of last week in sunny miami, and it was gorgeous and relaxing. i mostly stayed disconnected from the cyber world, with the exception of a few instagrams. 

before i post pictures of our trip or write anything of real value, i just have to publicly admit that i still have a crush on leonardo dicaprio. my crush started nearly sixteen years ago and is still going strong. he is like fine cheese, he just gets better with age. 

here he is on snl with jonah hill. yum. enjoy.


  1. Okay, please tell me your Instagram name?

  2. Leo was my first love as well. Oh Jack Dawson, you will always have my heart.


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