attractive aggresion

Tim just came home from playing basketball at the church. The church league started three weeks ago. His team is 2-1. Tonight has been their only far.

Normally when Tim comes home from a game, he immediately tells me if his team wins. I know his team has lost if he dances around other subjects before letting the words "we lost" escape his mouth.

He hates to lose. Being a fighter, I know that feeling. But you see, Tim is not a fighter. He's a lover 90% of the time. He only puts up a fight on a court or on the field. To come right out with it, watching him be aggressive is so damn attractive.

Apparently he fouled out tonight. Wish I could've seen it. And apparently he had a few non-expletive choice words with a grumpy, old ref, who according to Tim, was making some pretty bogus calls. He told Tim to just "calm down a bit." He nearly got a technical. Wish I could've been there for that too. It's probably good I wasn't though because...well, because you know why. ;)

I love this man of mine. 

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