I'll know I'm old when I lie down in my worn out jersey sheets and night and don't have to fight a small stuffed animal for an inch of the blanket. Kids and stuffed animals...I'll never understand the obsession. My kids live and die by them (literally), which means I do too.

Today has been a rough one. My heart was made heavy somewhere between my tiny bowl of chocolate Special K and my heart-happy kale salad. Life's a b---- sometimes. I don't understand why certain things happen to certain people, but man does it ever make me want to believe in a kind and all-knowing God, who I believe is acutely aware of our struggles.

Tonight I am prayerful. My heart is full of gratitude and pleadings. I know He listens. I know because I keep finding stuffed animals at the bottom of my bed just to remind me how good life can be.

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