(v pouting outside mya's school this morning. so sad and pathetic, right?)

on mornings where...
...I find chocolate milk spilled all over newly clean sheets
...I find a dried pee stain hidden under large stuffed animals (how long has that been there?)
...I have too many dishes in the kitchen sink
...I have eight loads of laundry to put away
...I find Blue chewing on Elle's favorite cuddle toy
...Genevieve pouts outside the office of Mya's school for way too long
...I try and stop Genevieve from taking all her clothes off on the sidewalk outside Mya's school during her fit of rage
...I fail at getting her to stop taking her clothes off
...I realize it's been a few too many days since our last letter lesson
...I see boxes and books cluttering the counter tops
...Genevieve falls off the bed during quiet time and bangs her top lip into her teeth

on these mornings, i'm grateful for the warm weather because dealing with pouting kids in freezing temperatures just seems awful. i've been thinking a lot about my midwest friends the past few days. they've been stuck inside attempting to stay warm. i am so grateful to live where i live this winter since this winter seems to be a bear everywhere else.

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