A San Diego Christmas

We enjoyed Christmas at home this year. Matt and Anthony came down for the morning and witnessed a indescribable scene of chaos. While the girls woke up after 7 and were not over anxious to get downstairs, the moment we reminded them it was Christmas they bounded for the stairs. They opened their presents in rapid speed. I could hardly keep up. All I know is I have several thank you cards to write because my girls were totally spoiled by their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. I'm hoping to get thank you cards out this week. ;) Crossing my fingers. 

Aside from me unable to locate the baking powder causing me not to be ready with warm coffee cake, Christmas went off without a hitch. The girls were in heaven. It was so fun to be around family too. I always love having someone around during the holidays. It makes it extra special. Thanks for visiting us Matt!

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