"You" Ami.

Apparently, I am very possessive. Not only do I have a plethora of nicknames for our girls, but I also frequently say, "My Mya, My Genevieve and My Elle Belle." I think it started in part when V was just a little babe and I was trying to call out to her but would accidentally begin saying Mya's name. I'd say, "Myyyyyy....my Genevieve, can you come here? Myyyyy....my Genevieve come give mama a kiss." And so on. It just stuck and has even carried on to Elle (who V has recently started calling Elle Belly, and it's my favorite).

Well, when we arrived in Miami, I told V we arrived in Miami, she actually thought I was saying we arrived in "My Ami" so throughout the week I'd ask her, "Do you like Miami?" And she'd reply, "I love "You Ami." It made me laugh so hard every time. I thought Tim heard her say it while we were there, but I guess he missed it. He was talking to her the other day about the trip and she said, "Dad, when are we going back to "You Ami?" I thought he was going to fall off the chair from laughing.

Genevieve is just about the cutest thing, well, when she's not waking the entire house up at 5am. She and I have been on the outs since we arrived home. She has no concept of time or exhaustion; she just keeps going and going and going, and mama is tired. 5:30 is bad enough, but waking everyone before 5am is unacceptable.

I'm working on her. We're home now and we're trying to readjust to Pacific Coast time. It's a struggle. People keep asking me why we chose to go from beach to beach, but I just shake my head and ask, "Where would you have me go? To the snow? We only have light sweaters. We don't own anything heavy out here." Miami was delightful. It honestly was one of the best vacations I've ever been on. Although we pushed the girls through their schedules, they really did great. They loved seeing their cousins. Love might be an understatement. And they relished their time with Tim. I always forget how much they love him until he's around for more than an hour or two a day. Boy do my girls adore their dad!

I already posted the top five things we did while visiting Miami (see here), but I thought I'd add a few more of my favorite pictures. I'm only posting a few of them here. If you'd like to see more, go to my family picture blog, which has been poorly kept up I have to admit.


  1. I can never get enough pictures of your girls! They are all so adorable. Your hair is perfect--mine would literally be a fro in Miami! Or here. Ahh, humidity!

  2. I wish I was in "You Ami" right now.:) love your girls. They are so adorable. Every time I see a picture of your short hair, I want to chop mine. But I probably wouldn't look as cute as you.


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