let them be little

Mornings like this morning (minus the terrible 30 minutes the girls were fighting and whining) make me wish the girls could stay little forever. We've been playing, flying and dancing all morning. We're taking a break at the moment because we were all a little out of breath so I thought I'd just take minute to jot a few things down.

Some days it seems like my girls are constantly bickering. Genevieve insists on doing everything Mya does, and Mya craves alone time so having a constant shadow all the time really gets to her. Elle is getting to the age where she too wants to try everything the other girls are doing, but she is not big enough to do most of them so she throws her head back and screams in defiance. It can be very exhausting.

Thankfully, there are more good days than bad ones. I live for the good days. They are my motivation to keep trying again. Although there are things I don't like about my girls' ages, I really love where they are right now. I love that I can still turn on music, and all three will start swaying to the beat. I can pick each one up and pretend to ballroom dance with them, and they look at me with that look that all moms deserve to receive once in awhile. I also love that I can still lift them with my legs and soar them into the air like a bird. They love flying. We do it all the time. And I love wrestling with them on my bed. All four of us were rolling around on the bed, tickling each other and giggling.

Whenever things are bad (I mean nail-biting bad), I secretly wish their childhood away. I don't really mean it, but in the moment the wish keeps me sane. But today, my wish would be that they could stay little. I dread the day they won't want to play or dance with me.

Oh, let them be little (as long as they are kind and full of smiles and laughter).

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