time was my friend...for once.

My life is often consumed by time and its many schedules.

It's time to wake up.
It's time to shower and smell better.
It's time to brighten my face with blush.
It's time for chocolate milk.
It's time to walk Blue.
It's time for breakfast cereal with sugar on top.
It's time to read hardbound books.
It's time to brush unruly and knotty hair.
It's time to pray.
It's time to rush the kids downstairs and into the car.
It's time to watch Mya wave as she goes into her classroom.
It's time to put Elle down for her morning nap.
It's time to walk Blue.
It's time to teach V her letters and sing our daily round of songs.
It's time to clean: sweep, mop, fold laundry, scrub toilets, scour tubs, shine windows, etc.
It's time to feed little mouths another meal.
It's time to walk Blue.
It's time to dig in the dirt and find snail shells and rolly pollies.
It's time to draw shadows with sidewalk chalk.
It's time to read books.
It's time for afternoon naps/quiet time.
It's time to edit neurology papers.
It's time to collect kids from rooms and play downstairs.
It's time to bang my head against the counter while deciding what's for dinner.
It's time to order a pizza.
It's time for Tim and Mya to come home.
It's time to run and sweat.
It's time to paint and finish homework.
It's time to eat.
It's time to drink chocolate milk.
It's time to brush teeth.
It's time for girls'  bedtime.
It's time to work again.
It's time to pass out.

Add in whatever variables the day may bring, but essentially, that is my daily schedule. Except no, I don't order a pizza every single night. In fact, I haven't ordered a pizza since Wisconsin (I just pick one up from Costco across the street.) My life is very restricted by this schedule. I can't tell you how many times I've asked Tim to just get away from it all so as to let time be absent from my thoughts.

He granted my wish this past weekend. Well, I guess I granted my own wish by gifting him a weekend getaway to San Francisco for Christmas (that's what happens when you run out of money before you buy anything cool for your spouse...you plan a future event that you can pay for later after saving up for a few more weeks.) My parents were gracious enough to come and watch the girls, and we hopped on the first available plane on Friday night and spent two peaceful nights alone, but together.

In our two days, we ate delicious food (Boxing Room, Scomas, La Boulange, The Grove, Ghiradelli Square), admired the unique architecture, walked thoughtfully through a handful of art galleries and biked around the city. While biking to Sausalito, we stopped just over the bridge to take in the view. Tim stood next to me on his bike and we just watched the ocean breathe in and out, seemingly in synch with our own slow breaths. The majesty of the Golden Gate Bridge humbled me. It inspired me to want to create something grand.

I peered over at Tim, knowing he was thinking similar thoughts, and it occurred to me that he and I have created something grand over the past several years. He is the yin to my yang. He is the hardened sugar top on my creme brûlée. He is the milk in my cereal. He is the chocolate chips in my cookies. He is the apple of my eye.

This weekend was perfect. I wanted it to last forever. Time...you are my best friend and my worst enemy. Thank you for being kind to me this weekend and moving ever so slowly. Thank you.

(please excuse my photo dump.)

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