a typical morning

One of my favorite hours of everyday occurs between 7:00-8:10am. Generally, the girls are so kind and playful with each other. Don't even ask me what happens around 8:10 because all demons are unleashed, and it's usually just tears and tantrums until I boot them out the door to run Mya to school. No matter what I have tried, I haven't been able to change the sudden behavior changes.

I used to get really upset about it. I'd yell. They'd cry. I'd plead. They'd ignore. It was so frustrating so I have tried to just be very present in the good hour and half-absent during the bewitching hour. Most days it works. Sometimes it doesn't. That's the truth.

The other day I sat cross-legged against the wall and let the giggles soak into my skin. Elle babbled constantly while Mya and V played dress up with their paper dolls. They mixed things up a bit by telling me secrets and jokes. Have I ever mentioned how much I love telling secrets? I taught the girls about "family secrets," and they come up with some doozies. They whisper them to each other and then to me, and for a few sacred moments we all laugh knowing no one else knows the secret.

I slipped away to grab my camera and snuck back into the room to catch some of the magic on film. They aren't the best pictures because the lighting in their room is terrible, but at least you get the picture.

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