Our Saturday morning at Balboa Park

We've visited different parts of Balboa Park, but we had never ventured to the heart of it until this morning. After about 15 minutes, Tim and I looked at each other and asked ourselves, "Why haven't we been coming here every Saturday morning?" Balboa Park quickly rose to one of my favorite San Diego spots.

The park was filled with green-wearing wannabe leprechauns celebrating the upcoming holiday. I generally feel really uneasy in big crowds due to my ever-growing claustrophobia, but not today. The crowds made the park feel alive and vibrant. The girls felt free on their scooters and roamed all the open spaces available to them. Tim and I snapped pictures of architecture that stood out to us.

We finished our morning excursion with a dip in Balboa's famous fountain. Although I am not a huge fan of being wet, I have always loved the idea of splashing around in fountains. I jumped in with the girls as I have in times past, and we ran around kicking and throwing water until we were all soaked. The girls especially liked finding all the money in the fountain. Before we left I made them return the coins to the water and taught them that stealing coins from fountains is bad luck. At least that's what I was taught. ;)


  1. Beautiful photos as always! I love Balboa too! :)

  2. Beautiful photos... you live in such a beautiful place!


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