confessions on a friday night.

i may or may not have eaten an entire bag of almond roca that my mom left in my fridge a month ago. did you mean to leave that bag? well, if not, you're not getting it back. 

v started preschool last week, and i thought i'd be racked with guilt for putting her in school two days after she turned three, but here's the truth, i'm not. i forgot what it's like to get things done around the house without hearing "hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog..." she is my best chore helper, but that only lasts for so long. after two toilets and one tub, she is usually begging to have quiet time so i oblige so i can finish things around the house. 

target is completely failing me in the fashion department as of late. it is rare that i can go and leave empty handed, especially if i go with a hot $20 burning in my pocket, but recently, my allowance remains in my pocket. 

i recently told tim that when we move this summer (even if we stay here, we will sprint away from this hoa) that i would donate half of my shoes. i have shoes from high school lining the bottom of my bed. shoes may be the one thing i have a hard time parting with, but it is time. it just is. 

tim is looking real good lately. his eye was all red and swollen, forcing him to remove his contacts and wear glasses. he looks so handsome in those black-rimmed frames. 

elle is proving to be the most difficult child to teach. "elle, what does a dog say?" "moo." "no elle, a dog says arf, arf. elle, what does a dog say?" "moo." over and over again. i'm going bonkers over here. my other kids loved the animal sounds by elle's age. elle just furrows her brow and sticks out her lips in detest. 

tim had to hide the cookie box this week because someone was eating too many cookies. she will remain nameless. he's a good hider too. said person still can't locate the box and has to wait for him to pull out her daily ration. 

tim and i started t25 last week. i love that it's only 25 minutes a day. i hate that i have to do it every night when i want to be writing or sleeping. 

i have been itching to delete this dang blog. i don't know. if i don't delete it, something has to change. i just can't put my finger on it. 

someone just made this room very stinky. it wasn't me. my vote is genevieve. next to blue, she is the stinkiest person in the house. 

i've wished for donut saturday everyday this week. this week took forever to get to saturday. 

my favorite moment of everyday is the moment after i get over being frustrated that the girls wake me up at an ungodly hour. i wave them into my room, and i hold them close and tight. their warm, soft bodies mold to mine and we hug for several minutes. 

lately, i've regretted cutting my hair in a big way. 

i recently threw a curve ball at life. let's see how life reacts. 


  1. Don't get rid of your blog. And I envy your hair cut.

  2. Umm... do not regret your hair cut! Seriously, the pixie cut was MADE for you. I get jealous every time you walk into church. So perfect for you, hot mama!


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