Easter morning

Happy Easter! I hope you've had a peaceful day. We've tried to, but our attempts were basically futile after our kids had a terrible sugar crash around 3pm. Note to self: only one Easter egg filled with jelly beans is necessary next year. The Easter bunny didn't even show up until 11am because I am basically the laziest person alive and couldn't peel myself out of slumber until then, and Tim doesn't really care about "the bunny" either so the task remained unfulfilled for hours.

Anyway, I did learn something new about Christ and the resurrection today while trying to wrestle the kids at church. It reminded me how important it is to never stop learning. I can't stop thinking about about unexpected endings and bright beginnings. Christ has given us the brightest beginning, and that beginning can start anytime, even if life seems dark or dim. We just have to reach out for the light.

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  1. Elle looks like such a big girl in these photos! I loved all your girls cute outfits yesterday. :) Glad you had a nice Easter and hope you got a jellybean egg or two.


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