thank goodness for genevieve

I know I've been silent lately. Honestly, I am just trying to survive everyday so all other "fun" hobbies have been put on the back burner. Sometimes it's good to do that. But I couldn't let another afternoon pass without making a small shout out to my sweet Genevieve. She has been sweet as pie lately, which has been incredibly necessary since the other two gremlins I birthed have been out of their pretty little minds. Within the last five minutes, she has popped her head out of her room three times to say, "Good nap mom! I wuv you" or "Mama, you da bestest best there is."

Although she has her moments of breakdown (like last night leaving Costco sans a swirl ice cream), she has been a saving grace over the past few weeks. It's been incredibly hot this week, and she knows I don't like my head to get hot so she brings me wet towels from time to time. Granted, they're the big bath towels drenched in water, but I deal with the wet mess like a champ and hug her tight.

Thank you, thank you Genevieve. Mama loves you.


"Be kind and considerate with your criticism... It's just as hard to write a bad book as it is to write a good book." Malcolm Cowley