A quick trip alone

At the moment, I'm sitting alone in a hotel in Texas enjoying the noise canceling sounds of white noise. It's been a whirlwind of a week, which started with riding magical rides for two days at Disneyland and will end with the quickest house hunting trip on the planet in three towns that I may soon call home.

I had forgotten what it was like to be completely alone, single if you will. Whenever I go out of town without Tim or the girls, I have always met up with someone for one or two nights to enjoy their company. I have never traveled somewhere completely alone since before I got married. I might have to do this annually; I like it that much.

I told Tim last night that I missed my girls, but not their voices. We both had a good laugh. People always say you'll miss all the noise when the house is empty, but I guess haven't been gone long enough. Or perhaps I spent way too much time on Skype with Tim yesterday so he could pretend he was right beside me at every house so I basically heard the girls just as much as usual. All I know is that when I returned to the hotel last night, I threw myself on the extra soft comforter and breathed in all the silence I could muster. I closed my eyes and nearly fell asleep before my phone began buzzing again and again and again.

House hunting is serious stuff. There isn't a minute to spare, and apparently everyone has an idea about what I should or should not be doing. For weeks, I have patiently allowed all the advice, but now I am beginning to shut it out. Too much advice is overwhelming, and it clouds the inner voice inside my head that generally leads me in the right direction. So for now, I'm relying on only two voices: the one inside my head and the handsome, soft voice from the man I love completely.

Texas is all everyone said it would be. The people are polite and friendly. The houses are big...too big in fact. All the faulted ceilings give me a headache. And the food thus far has been tasty. I cannot believe I am here. It feels so foreign and strange to me, not only the physical location but my state of mind.

Well, I have to go. The phone just started buzzing. Here's hoping I can squeeze in a pedicure sometime between seeing all these houses. :)

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