Stovetop s'mores

Life has been so sweet lately. The girls seem to be full of sugar and syrup and keep showering Tim and me with some of life's greatest moments. Sure, there are temper tantrums and ridiculous sibling fights from time to time, but they seem to happen less these days. I know plenty of moms who sob at the idea of their children growing up, but I'm not one of them. Growing up looks good on my girls. It seems like the more they grow, the more they look to each other, and they teach each other.

This afternoon I threw together some stovetop s'mores for Genevieve and Elle. I didn't know how it would go because the last time V had a s'more, she threw it on the ground in frustration. She just couldn't handle the sticky marshmallow-y mess. She didn't love it again today, but she did really love smashing the s'more into all of Elle's tiny crevices. They squealed and laughed for nearly 30 minutes during the messy process. It was a really good moment for me. I didn't worry about the mess I'd have to clean up. I didn't worry about the chocolate covering Elle's clothes. And I didn't worry that Blue was quickly stealing all the chocolate pieces that fell to the ground. I just sat there snapping pictures at my two little beauties discovering a new, creative treat.

 This is Elle saying, "Back it up Genevieve. I'm eating!"

And here are some of my favorite action shots. Excuse all the pictures, but this honestly was one of the funniest experiences of my life. 

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