Disneyland 2014

Before I left for Texas on the mad house hunting adventure, we decided to spend two days at Disneyland. The girls adore all things Disney. In fact, I don't think they are aware other cartoons/cartoon characters exist. Genevieve and Elle are infatuated with the classic characters--you know...Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, etc. Mya loves every. single. princess. We opted out of standing four hours to meet Elsa and Anna because that is just dumb. Who would spend all that money to wait in line for a fictional character?! Who? We decided early on in the trip that if we ran into a princess...great, if not...great.

Tim and I dared Mya to ride all kinds of rides. I wish you could see her face in that log ride picture. Sheer terror, but she did it twice. That's my girl. She did every ride we asked her to do, and it made me so proud. I love roller coasters. I giggled with joy just as much as she screamed with fear. ;) We ate all of our favorite items because who knows when we'll get back, which is a sad thought if I must admit. I really love Disneyland. It just makes me happy to be there, even if that means I spend way too much money.


  1. What a fun family trip! :) Glad you could enjoy it one last time. You will need to find a new "happiest place on earth" in Texas! :) :) :)

  2. Okay, these pictures have convinced me we really need to move to San Diego. I love that picture of Mya and V in front of the castle. Sweet V! Her expressions are priceless!


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