me lately.

1. You push me, I'll push back harder. I'm a fighter. 
2. I am extremely claustrophobic. It's getting so bad that I can barely play hide and seek with the girls because fitting myself into or under tight spaces makes me sweat and nearly vomit. 
3. I just finished Chelsea Handler's most recent book, "Uganda be kidding me," and it really heightened my desire to swear. I've decided the person who invented swear words must've been a mom watching her child dump a bottle of water in her new leather purse or just a regular old joe experiencing his/her first stubbed toe. Anyway, the book is hilarious, but not appropriate in anyway, which is probably the reason I received it on Mother's Day. 
4. After being in Texas for two days, I decided I might be a Californian. I could hardly stand it when people carried on conversations longer than 5 minutes. I learned about a woman's miscarriage and bankruptcy in the first 3 minutes of meeting her. I had no idea how to continue with the conversation so I offered some pathetic encouragements and took my Sweethearts to the car as quickly as possible. 
5. If I got a tattoo, I'd get it on my foot. But I am afraid of Hep C so I'll never ride that adventure. 
6. I am extremely well-versed in the art of lying, especially the white lies that matter most. Only a few people can see through my lies. 
7. I haven't painted my nails black in months, and it's killing me. I just haven't had the time to do anything beyond my regular duties. 
8. I knew I married up when Tim picked "Say Anything" as our Saturday night movie. Is there anyone sweeter than Lloyd Dobler? I would've dated him in a hot second in high school. Who cares if kick boxing didn't become the sport of the future. ;)
9. Whenever I go out to eat for breakfast, which is rare, I always order a side of hash browns. Always. I'd order two sides of the deliciously fried potatoes if it was appropriate, but I don't. I stick with one and eat every last bite. Thank goodness for the potato. 
10. I think I was more excited than Mya when she lost her two front teeth. I make her smile at me everyday just so I can smile at her silly smile. It's so fun to be a parent 80% of the time. 


  1. You crack me up. So glad to know you. :)

  2. "Say Anything" is one of my favorite movies. Good choice, Tim!


"Be kind and considerate with your criticism... It's just as hard to write a bad book as it is to write a good book." Malcolm Cowley