Happy Father's Day

Dear bun,

It's 6:14, and I just woke up out of the strangest dream in which we were not married and I was sitting in a room filled with potential partners. Strange to have that dream on Father's Day. I felt empty and alone as I looked around the crowded room surveying my options. No one I spoke with left an impression on me so I abruptly left and never looked back.

Here's the thing: sometimes I do wonder if I could do everything all over again, would I do it? Would I choose you? Would I choose this life we've created for ourselves and our girls? The answer is yes (unless you ask me mid-July when I'm wallowing in self pity for moving again. Don't ask me then. ;)). But yes, I'd do it all again, as long as you are beside me.

I've watched you go from stranger to friend to boyfriend to fiancé to husband to father. You are something bun. Your girls adore you, perhaps adore isn't a big enough word for how they feel about you. You are the female whisperer in our home. You have a heart that can calm any storm, especially the ones that often rage inside of me. You are the arms we all wish to hug at the end of the day, and you are the body we want cuddling us each morning. You are the brains to this whole operation. You help solve math problems, friend problems and life problems. You are the muscle that propels our children high into the air at the pool. I love watching them squeal with delight as they feel the freedom you provide them. You are the eyes that see deep inside of each of us and know us for who we really are.

You are a dad. A really great one. Words could never fully express all the love I feel for you. I miss you everyday when you're at work, and I keep wondering why we haven't figured out how to live off love. Will you figure that out soon, please?

Happy Father's Day!


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