Utah really is the most underrated state

We lucked out one afternoon while in Utah and had a few unexpected minutes given to us, which allowed us to sneak by the $10 entrance fee at the lake between Provo and Heber to snap a few family pictures. Tim taught Mya the art of skipping rocks. She loved it. V and Elle spent the whole time picking up heavy rocks and narrowly missing their feet as they dropped them every few seconds. I nearly had a heart attack.

The one thing I think every time I visit Utah is how underrated the state really is. Sure, people generally know Salt Lake City or Zion's National Park, but man...there is just so much more to Utah than those two amazing sites. Have you read the love letter Ty Burrell wrote Salt Lake City? I agree with him completely. We'd live in Utah in a heartbeat, but engineering is not a huge industry there so we have resolved to visit every other year or so just to fill our hearts with the fresh mountain air you really can't get anywhere else. Sorry Colorado, I still think Utah beats you.

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