choices in isolation

While swimming with the girls this afternoon, I gazed up in the sky to find a flock of birds flying along side the clouds. They looked so isolated, so free. For a moment I was jealous. What would it be like to fly? What would it be like to feel so free? To me, flying is one of God's greatest miracles.

Our new and rather lively Sunday school instructor has repeated the following phrase several times over the past two weeks: No one lives in isolation. Every choice one makes affects someone else, whether it be good or bad.

That thought immediately entered my mind as I watched those birds form their breathtaking v-shaped pattern. Although those birds may have appeared isolated way up in the big blue sky, they were not. They were together; they formed a unit.

We, like birds, never actually live in isolation, even though we may shut people out and shut ourselves in. Every decision we make, for better or for worse, affects someone else. I believe that completely. I have watched this concept foil and tear apart some of the most ideal relationships, and I have watched it nurture or build up some of the most unlikely ones.

Our choices matter. They just do. So be thoughtful as you do what you do because you may never know the ripple effect of one decision until it's too late.

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