Milwaukee...according to my iPhone

 ^^Cami went right to work on our shabby little family as soon as we arrived. Elle was a big fan of getting her haircut. She is such a girl, and I happen to love it. 

 ^^I turned 31 on Friday so Steve and Cami treated us to Blue's Egg for breakfast. How did we never eat there? If you're ever in Milwaukee, please go there and eat the most amazing french toast I have ever had.

 ^^We met at a park to see Tim's family later that night. The weather went crazy almost immediately, but the kids loved running through the "magical" rain. 

 ^^We attended Chris and Elizabeth's wedding on Saturday. The cathedral was a stunning mix of old tradition with modern pieces. We loved the whole event. 

 ^^We had some time to kill between the ceremony and reception so we walked around the Third Ward and stopped at the Milwaukee Public Market for some Spreckers (best root beer in my opinion) and a chocolate eclair. 

 ^^Tim and I decided to really enjoy ourselves at the reception since our kind friends offered to watch the girls. We dined like kings/queens and danced the night away. I love this picture of Tim and his grandma Bea. We all have a special place in our hearts for her. 

 ^^ No Milwaukee visit would be complete without a visit to Kopps. Obviously the custard didn't disappoint seeing as Genevieve resorted to licking the cup when the ice cream vanished. 

 ^^Mya was lucky enough to spend the night with her best friend Lexie. She waited three months for this reunion, and you can see her elated face when we arrived at the door. 

 ^^Yesterday before we left, I snapped a picture of these growing children. Who knows when we will be reunited, but I can't wait for the day. They became such good friends over the week, and we were all sad to leave. Steve and Cami were the best hosts I could've asked for. And I think it helped that our kids played so well together. 

^^And what to say about this girl?! She is as free as a bird. At least she's wearing panties? Right...right?

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