la playa

I'm missing the beach these days. I spent as much time as I could with my toes in the sand during my final weeks in San Diego. You should know that my skin has never looked more golden in my life, and I'm just hoping I won't regret the decision to bake in the sun later in life. We took my family to Coronado on our last Saturday. To say my girls were in heaven to have more adult playmates is an understatement. One thing I've always loved about my family is how hands on they are with my girls. They aren't afraid to jump (and fall) in the sandy water just to the delight of my girls. Matt and his boyfriend Evan spent over an hour building sand castles with the girls. And what did I do? Not a whole lot. I had been taking the girls to the beach alone and had been their sole entertainment so I just sat back and watched the afternoon float away with the ocean breeze. Moms are allowed to do that from time to time.

The beach became an addiction for me in the last months of our stay. I'd go there and build sand castles after sand castles just so I could get the sand under my fingernails. I'd hop in the low tide with the girls until we couldn't jump anymore. The beach offered me a sense of security and peace. The warm breeze reminded me of a heavenly presence every time. I'm going to have to find an equivalent to the beach in Texas. Wish me luck!

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