last visit to Sea World

Part of my family visited San Diego the weekend before we moved to spend time with the girls and to help me organize the move a little. I basically procrastinated all my normal moving chores for multiple reasons, and I was so grateful for the extra hands that helped me sort through cupboards, wipe down stairwells and wipe down walls. My family is the best. They always come to my rescue when I need it.

Aside from the cleaning and packing, we also took time to visit some of our favorite places for the last time. You should know that we love Sea World. I know about all the controversy, but here's the a mom...Sea World is a much more appealing option to the San Diego Zoo. Sea World is a leisurely stroll where the zoo is a mountain hike (especially with a double stroller and kids kicking and screaming). We visited Sea World at least 3 times a month. The girls just loved all the shows and things to see and touch. It was so fun to go with my family for the last time because they basically ran around with Hayden until they were so tired I thought they'd pass out.

You are missed Sea World. Dearly.

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