I realize these pictures are terrible, but let me remind you that it is a billion degrees outside, and taking pictures outside never sounds appealing so I begged the kids to pose by the front door. Looking at them now just makes me chuckle.

The girls started gymnastics a few weeks ago, and they are both doing really well with it. If you look very closely on the last picture you can see Genevieve working with her instructor in the background. Both girls beg to go everyday, and I would totally be for it if it wasn't so spendy. Only now as a mother do I really understand the sacrifice my parents must've made for me to ice skate nearly everyday of the week.

I too get excited every time Monday rolls around because I relish my time watching the girls excel in their interests. I honestly wouldn't care a bit if they weren't any good, as long as they were having fun. And they certainly have fun every week. I wish you could see their big, toothy smiles every time they look for as after a lesson.

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