Peanut Festival

A few weeks ago we took the girls to a peanut festival in a small town near ours. I should clarify that this small town of 3,500 people is actually bigger than my small town. I am not sure if that's sad or embarrassing, but either's really going to take some time for me to get used to this place. Just yesterday we passed a four way stop with gas stations on each side, and Mya beamed, "We're in a city. A city!" Both Tim and I winced and shook our heads, explaining that no...that wasn't quite a city. Wah, wah.

Anyway, I didn't actually see any peanuts at the peanut festival, but I did see lots of pure Americana roaming the streets. Harley men adorned with bandanas and leather chaps revving their engines. John Deere tractors riding back and forth on the streets. The football team sporting their team's jersey and big toothy smiles. And cheerleaders of all shapes and sizes waving their gold and silver pom poms high in the sky.

We decided to watch the parade. I hate parades, but Tim convinced me to stay, and the girls absolutely loved it. Mya's favorite part was watching the local high school's Homecoming king and queen riding in the bed of a Ford F150. I guess it's something to aspire too. ;) I honestly laughed for the entire duration of the parade because it wasn't like any other parade I had ever seen. After the parade, we ate some good carnie food and let the girls ride ponies because they begged and begged for a ride.

Oh peanut festival, thanks for the laugh. Seriously.

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