Her name

Several people have asked me about Felicity's name; they want to know why at the last minute we decided to give her two middle names. Tim and I chose Felicity soon after we learned her gender. We tossed around different ideas for her middle name but decided to go with Bea after Tim's grandma. Felicity means intense happiness, and when Tim and I thought of the happiest people we knew, his grandma always came to mind so her name was going to be Felicity Bea right up to the moment I delivered her.

However, the moment Tim saw her, he looked at me and asked me how I felt about naming her Birdie Bea. We have known for months that we were going to nickname her "Birdie" after hearing the name on a tv show, but I wasn't so sure how I felt with Birdie as a first name. I just couldn't see it written on a business card, and it is really important that my kids have names they can feel comfortable with in every aspect of life--childhood, adolescence, adulthood, etc. So after going back and forth for a few minutes, we decided to stick with Felicity and give her two middle names--Felicity Birdie Bea. Felicity and Birdie Bea are used equally throughout the house. Elle can't say Felicity so she is always running around the house calling for "Burrddddeeee." It makes me smile every time. It also makes me smile to see Tim with his little Birdie Bea; they already have a special connection.

(photo credit: Elle Belle)

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