breaking silence with a few sentences

I never intended to let the blog go for so many days. I have five half-written posts waiting to be finished and posted, but the fact is they will probably wait a few more days...maybe more. Life continues to teach me I am not in control. This postpartum experience has been difficult in that my body has not rebounded as quickly or as smoothly as it has in the past. It's as if my body wants me to slow down and take a break, but it just doesn't realize there isn't enough time in the day to take a break. There are mouths to feed, work to be finished, lunches to be made, one human dog to be walked, a husband recovering from appendicitis to be tended to, games to be played and endless crafts to be made.

Life is busy. Busier than I anticipated. I knew adding a new life to our family would make things interesting. Even now...when I want to keep writing...I have to stop because Felicity started crying just as I typed my first sentence. I need to hold her, bounce her and rock her to sleep. Her stomach is in a world of hurt these days. She, like my other girls, is having a tough time eating, and therefore, she isn't sleeping well.

You can imagine what I look like. Bags for days over here under my eyes. I am exhausted. It's a fact. But it's an exhaustion that I don't mind because although I didn't choose all the postpartum problems, I chose her. And I love her. I am so grateful she is here. Please be patient with me as I try to find a new time to write. I'm dying to write. Writing makes me feel free so I'll be around as often as I can be.

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