a post about Christmas.

What...was Christmas three weeks ago already? Oops. I couldn't find my camera cord (isn't that always my excuse??) so I am late getting these up, but I didn't want to forget to post them because this was our favorite Christmas thus far. The kids are at such fun ages, and Felicity was kind enough to sleep through the entire morning, allowing us to give undivided attention to the older girls as they tore through the presents. I love that the girls feel comfortable enough opening all the gifts at once; it wasn't how I was raised to open presents on Christmas morning, but something about the chaos makes the whole experience even more fun. It's just harder for mom to take note on what gift came from who so as to give a proper thank you to the people who deserve them.

This year, Christmas would not have been possible without the help of wonderful family. We want to thank our grandparents, parents, aunts/uncles and siblings for giving our girls so much love during the Christmas season. You will see how loved they felt in the pictures, and we are so thankful for everything they received. I mean it. Thank you again and always.

Birdie was awake with us while we prepared on Christmas Eve. I loved the onsie my aunt sent for her to wear that night, and you know what...she did give us a pretty silent night after being grumpy throughout the evening on Christmas Eve. 

Genevieve was so excited to run downstairs. She had to exercise every ounce of patience in her body while we all waited for Tim to return from walking Blue. The time slowly chipped away, but they finally came home, and all the girls took off running down the stairs. 

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