At the moment: Felicity Birdie Bea

Felicity is growing like crazy. I can't keep up with her. I mean...c' you see those cheeks and those legs rolls? The girl likes to eat. She was only one week old when we took professional pictures with our longtime friend and photographer Nickell. It was very windy that day, and let's just say she didn't love the wind. It was hard to get good pictures of her, but I've included a couple below just so you can compare her rapid growth.

Our little Birdie is the center of our world at the moment. She is loved by everyone in the house, especially Mya (and her parents of course). I love to watch the girls interact with her. Genevieve decided early on that she would be her fashion guru, and she loves to dress her daily. Every morning she brings me two outfits: one to put on right away and one for when she throws up and needs to be changed. Her outfits never match, and sometimes they don't fit, but there is no arguing with her fashionista. I must dress her according to her every whim, or she cowers in sadness, and well, that just makes me sad. Genevieve also assigned Elle to binkie duty so whenever Birdie is upset, Elle will run and and shove the binkie in her mouth until she nearly chokes. To avoid any potential tantrums because let's be honest...tantrums are always a real possibility with Elle...I just smile and thank her for her help, even though her help is torturing Birdie. Because Mya is away at school all day, she gets first dibs with her sister as soon as she gets home. I always catch her dancing with her or bouncing her, trying to make her smile.

Birdie is a very good baby. She has her struggles as all babies do, but she is a welcomed surprise in the baby stage. Generally our girls scream until they are 6 months old so the fact that she doesn't scream all the live long day is so wonderful. I actually catch myself telling people I like her as an infant, and I rarely like infants. ;) She doesn't like to sleep when I need to work so working has been hard for me lately, but I am trying to enjoy my time with her in the afternoons, and we lie on the bed together talking about everything and nothing. I breathe in every last ounce of her baby smell and literally carry it around with me all day since I generally wear her spit up much longer than I should.

We love this girl. We are so lucky to have her, and we know it.

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