The dang IUD.

It's been five days since my OB kindly (or not so kindly...depending on which part of my body you ask) removed the misplaced IUD. My stomach feels better, but it's still badly bruised, and doing several of my normal activities still feels awkward, especially nursing because I generally lay Birdie across my stomach to nurse, but it hasn't been so easy to do so the last few days. Tim's mom flew in to help me with the girls, and I am so grateful for her because she is so good with the girls, and she's good to me too. I got two naps today, and I never get naps.

A few people have asked me my feelings about IUDs, and I thought I'd just answer the questions with a post. First, I had had an IUD before. I had one between Elle and Felicity and had it removed exactly one month before conceiving Birdie. I had no problems with my first one, except for the minor paranoia of always wondering if I was pregnant since I never had a period. I probably took three or four pregnancy tests during the first few months I had it but then decided I'd trust the dang thing and stop being so craaaazy. Second, I think IUDs are a great form of birth control for women who struggle on other birth controls because the hormone dose is low, and I really felt normal the whole year I had it inside of me, but who knows what's normal anyway these days...I haven't been not pregnant or nursing in such a long time. I doubt Tim even knows the normal me anymore. We're resigned to the fact that we are probably going to have to start over in the dating/getting-to-know-you phase of life once we are completely done with babies. I know what you're thinking...aren't you done with babies yet? Perhaps. But perhaps not. We are still in the murky gray area with this answer. Third, I realize having an IUD perforate the uterus is really rare. Like I said in my previous post, I am the 1 in 1000 women. I have that kind of luck. Will I get one again? Probably. Tying my tubes seems a little too permanent for me so I like the idea of long-term birth control. I just won't be getting one any time soon; this whole experience is way too fresh in my mind. Would I recommend getting one? Absolutely. I would, however, recommend having a reliable doctor put it in, and if you happen to feel like something is amiss the moment it's put in, please voice your concerns as loudly as possible until someone listens. I knew something was wrong the moment IUD was placed, or misplaced rather, and although I complained of awkward pain when I jumped off the dreaded OB table, I didn't specifically ask them to take it they didn't.

I think that just about answers all the questions I've received. The surgery itself wasn't bad. It was an out-patient surgery, and the recovery time is different for everyone. Mine seems to be a little slower due to the whole knee-to-the-stomach maneuvers my kids have so expertly mastered over the past two months with Tim and I being sensitive in the abdominal region. I do wish I could have nightly shots of whatever the nurse put in my IV just before knocking me out for surgery. Man that stuff worked like a charm, and I've never slept better than I did the day after my surgery.

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