Birdie and her crooked smile

It looks like we might have another delicious crooked smile in this house. I don't know what it is about crooked smiles, but something about their imperfection just gets me. I want to kiss this girls lips all day long because if she's not puckering them with her furrowed brow, she's spreading them wide in a tilted smile. She is edible. Our little Birdie weighed in at 11.5 lbs and was 23 1/2 inches long at her 2 month appointment. She's growing big and strong. She's happy in spite of the fact that she doesn't go to the bathroom regularly (I'm sure she'll love that I announced that on a public forum someday), and she sleeps through the night most of the nights. We've never had a baby catch on to sleeping at night as quickly as this little babe. Let's just not talk about her daily cat naps that don't allow me to do much during the day. I'm hoping she'll catch on to napping soon. Please birdie...pretty please.

We love Felicity. A lot of people ask me what we call her the most, and honestly we call her Felicity and Birdie interchangeably. I assume she'll just get used to it as she gets older.

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