post-surgery relaxation

After my surgery, my neighbors brought me a basket full of bath salts and face masks so I could relax while I felt under the weather. I have some amazing and thoughtful neighbors (Thanks Renee and Christine!) My girls saw the face masks and went bonkers. I happened to have cucumber in the fridge so I sliced up a few and thought, hey why not? We applied the masks and relaxed to Taylor Swift's new cd. It was a blissful afternoon.

It was also one of the first times I saw Mya as a teenager. She looked so mature and grown up applying the mask, and it wasn't until she opened her mouth to reveal the large gap left from her missing teeth that I remembered she was only six. I really think I am going to love being a mom to tweens and teens. I kinda can't wait, but I am going to squeeze the heck out of these girls while I still can. I love my little girls.

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