never, never grow up.

This girl. Man, where did time go?! (Remember when she was born?) She's four, and I wish she could stay four forever. If I was Peter Pan, she'd be my perfect little lost girl, and I would tell her she could never leave Neverland because I would never want her to grow up. Never. And I tell her that everyday.

All my kids are amazing and have a special place in my heart so don't think I'm playing favorites here. But it's her special day, and I am just going to jot down some of my favorite things about this very unique and kind girl. Sometimes I worry that something might happen to her because she is just too good to be true. She's always bursting with goodness, and she has the most understanding heart. I've never seen another child like her, especially at her young age. She is wise beyond her years. And she is a very important piece of our family puzzle.

At four:
--She loves ranch. She likes to ask for carrots, but what she's really asking for is ranch with a side of carrots. (She recently starting eating salad, which basically consists of just lettuce and ranch, and I suspect it's mostly for the ranch.)
--She is oddly obsessed with Disney Princess Palace Pets, even though she's never owned one.
--Whenever I am sad or stressed, she just seems to know. She will come over and wipe the hair from my face and kiss my cheek, or she'll give me huge hug. She won't leave my side unless she knows I feel better.
--She never wears a full outfit. She used to just wear panties everywhere, but she's at least graduated to wearing a pair of pants or a shirt. She just hardly wears both at the same time.
--She's finally having less potty accidents. It only took her two years to figure it out, and I have preschool to thank for it.
--She is obsessed with taking pictures, but she isn't a huge fan of posing for pictures. She never looks at the camera, and if she does, she always makes a goofy face. I consider myself lucky to catch a normal smile every once in awhile.
--She still loves to wear Minnie Mouse apparel, even though she doesn't watch the show much anymore.
--She and Elle are two peas in a pod, and when Elle is sleeping, she and Mya are like peanut butter and jelly. She just fits wherever she is placed.
--She's extremely shy around new people, and she doesn't like to be left alone with people she doesn't know.
--She is growing out of everything. I can't keep up with her. We bought her boots less than two months, and she's already telling me their too tight. What do I have to do?!
--She knows I like a clean house so I often find her cleaning during her quiet time, and when I find her, she looks at me with a big grin and says, "I did it because I wanted to make you happy. Now...can I have a candy?"
--She loves treats. She doesn't have a filter on how much she should or shouldn't eat so we are really working on portion sizes. I am absolutely against telling her she is too big for her age (because she's not), but I do think it's important for her to learn healthy versus unhealthy. Her favorite treats are lollipops, chocolate chips and gum. She lives for gum.
--She has a sweet spot for her daddy, and she always comes running down the stairs when she hears his voice after work.
--She is the best big sister (and little sister too), but she is so good about nurturing her little sisters. She waits on them hand and foot.
--She is beginning to write and ask how to spell things. Today she asked, "Mom, you spell that m-o-m, right mom?"
--She loves reading Pinkalicious books.
--She is amazing at puzzles. It doesn't matter how many pieces are involved, she will figure it out. She tinkers around until she gets it. It is my favorite thing to watch.

I love this girl and her honey-brown eyes so much. She reminds me so much of her father, and she calms my spirits most days just like he does. Happy birthday ya-ya girl. Mama loves you like crazy.

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