things they're saying lately.

Just some of the funny things I hear on a daily basis. Listening to kids talk, especially my kids, is one of my very favorite things to do.

--Mya: "Mom, my bum is spicy." Me: "Spicy? What does that mean?" Mya: "I don't know, but it just feels spicy." I'm still laughing at this one.

--Elle: "Mom, you a fishhead." Me: "No Elle, you're a fishhead." Elle: "I not a fishhead. I Elle Belle. Fish live in the water. You a fish head." Me: "But I don't live in the water." Elle: "Yes you do." Okay baby girl. Okay.

--Genevieve: "Our hugs will always be complete." Tim: "Why?" V: "Because we love each other."

--Genevieve: "Mom, when you have another baby, can it be a boy baby? We need a boy for daddy." Me: "I'm not sure we're going to have another baby." V: "Yeah right." Mya: "And I have his name. His name will be Carlos." Hahaha. Do they know something we don't?

--Elle: "What guys?! Whaaaaatttt?! What guys?!" Her attempt to figure out what the girls are up to.

--Genevieve: (After the missionary makes a mistake during an object lesson) "He makes lots of mistakes. He must have a little brain." It was really hard not to pee my pants when she said that.

--Mya: "I think the world should be full of rainbows and ponies and glitter...well, not your world mom...but I think my world should be full of all these beautiful things."

--Genevieve: (As I'm swaddling Felicity) "Mama she looks like a cute tornado." Me: "A burrito?" V: "Yes, a tornado. That's what I said."

--Elle: "You make me sooooo ferusterated mama. Don't you get me mostest ferusterated." Me: "But don't you love mama?" Elle: "Yes, but you make me so ferusterated."

--Mya: "Aren't you the cutest baby in the world? Mama thinks so, I think so, and dad thinks so so it must be true. I am always right, you know. Believe me. I know." The part about her always being right is up for debate.

--Genevieve: "Mama, you wuv my hugs and kisses, right? Because they wuv you the mostest."

Oh kids...they say the funniest things. I'm so glad I not them down in my phone from time to time because I forget everything. And I mean everything.

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