Houston: part one

We spent Easter weekend visiting Tim's uncle Jerry in Houston. We had heard such terrible things about Houston, but we found the city very inviting and extremely family friendly. Apparently people from Dallas don't like Houston, and people from Houston don't like Dallas. Inner state rivalry at its finest. I guess they can always meet in the middle when it comes to guns. ;) But really, Houston has my vote. I might even like it more than Dallas, although I don't know Dallas well yet. It doesn't hurt that we had a knowledgeable tour guide showing us the better parks and beaches.

As a side note (although I am pretty sure I've mentioned this before), I love Tim's extended family. It has been an honor and a treat to marry into a family that is so giving of their time and talents. I cannot tell you how many times his uncles and aunts have made time to see us. The moment we found out that Jerry was living in Houston, we contacted him and made arrangements to see him. We can't thank him enough for the wonderful visit we had.

The first two days in Houston were spent at Kemah Boardwalk and at the beaches in Galveston. The moment we parked the car at the beach, the girls jumped out and ran straight for the water, peeling off their layers on the way. It was extremely windy so Birdie wasn't entirely keen on the idea of sitting in the middle of blowing sand so we wrapped her up tight and put her to sleep in the stroller. The other girls rolled around in the sand, played in the cold water and flew kites for several hours. Both Mya and V have often asked me why we ever left the beach, and I never have a good response for them. They love the beach so this quick trip was definitely needed.

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