at six months

Side plank time. We believe in core workouts at an early age. ;)

This little baby of mine is six months in two days. Can you believe that? I have successfully raised four kids to their 6-month birthday. Say what?! My blue-eyed babe wants to sit up so badly, but she gets so mad at me when I make her practice. She is now at the stranger-danger phase of life, and she basically only likes being held by me or Tim. And if we're going to be real honest, even when she's with Tim, she's only got eyes for me. She follows me with those piercing eyes everywhere, and she starts to cry when I don't rush to hold her.

She is a long, skinny girl. She reminds me so much of Genevieve at this stage. I just bumped her up to 6 month clothes because of her length, not her weight. The girl will not gain weight! She throws up at least 80% of the food she consumes. I am getting to the point that I cringe with every spit up because we both go through so many outfits a day. I am beginning to wonder if I should just live in my swimsuit all summer and just take a quick dip every time she spits up on me. She scarfs down baby food like it's going out of style, and she is really interested in finger foods but hasn't mastered the hand-eye coordination.

What can I say about her? She's fairly predictable. She is generally happy if she sleeps well, eats well, and poops well. She is getting a bit sensitive about being left alone, and she doesn't sleep through the night yet, but she is generally very happy. I love how she grabs my shirt when she nurses. I love watching her watch me. And I love blowing raspberries on her belly to hear her burst of laughter. She's my sweet Felicity. And her name perfectly describes her. I'm good at picking names. ;)

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