I heart New York City, even if it perpetually smells like urine.

Gosh. New York. I love New York. I probably told Tim 50 times that he needs to start looking for jobs in the city immediately, and every time he rolled his eyes at me because no one with four kids wants to live in New York City, unless you're Jim Gaffigan. But I want to live there. And I'd shove my kids in a two-bedroom apartment just to experience it.

Although we only had a little over a day and a half to explore, I feel we were able to see more than we expected, and mostly because we decided that we would walk everywhere. We spent Thursday night at Times Square, and Tim couldn't believe how bright it was even though it was 10pm. And although it was as bright as let's say a patch on the Vegas strip, it didn't feel like Vegas. (Biggest difference: not a single person was carrying a long-neck margarita. hahaha) Friday morning we walked through Central Park to the MET. We spent the afternoon at the MET; you can't rush that museum. We walked back to the hotel through a different part of Central Park, and we met up with my brother to eat in Chelsea.

We didn't have much time on Saturday morning, but we managed to make it over to the Chelsea Market. And even though all the stores and restaurants were still closed when we arrived, it was a really cool building, and I can't wait to return to see it packed with people. We strolled through the meat-packing district before heading to Penn Station to catch the train to Baltimore.

New York is an amazing city. The potpourri of people you can see just walking down the street is enough reason for me to want to pack up and move there. I loved watching the men in suits weave in and out of annoying tourists or the dog walkers with their 6, 8, 10 dogs or the beautiful women wearing trench coats I only ever dream of. I saw so many beautiful women. It was hard not to feel invisible next to them as we waited for the green light. Everywhere we went, I kept hearing Taylor Swift's "Welcome to New York" play over and over in my head. And while we're on the subject, if you don't have her new cd, get it. Please. It is on daily repeat in my car because we are all addicted. The food was all amazing. If I could've, I would've stuffed my face all day with every street vendor item, but my stomach just couldn't hack it. Tear. Tim and I loved our trip. Someday we will retire to a city somewhere. Maybe New York.

What we ate: 
Patzeria Perfect Pizza (Best margarita pizza I have ever had. Hands down.)
Doughnut Plant (If you go there and don't get the creme brûlée doughnut, you'll regret it forever.)
Shake Shack (Avoid the one on Time's square. And don't share the shake. We made that mistake.)
Porteño Restaurant (Get the lomo saltado sandwich. It's delish.)
The Diner (Avoid the hash browns, but the rest of breakfast was yummy.)  

What we saw:
Central Park (Please note all the murder scenes from SVU)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Spend at least an hour by the sculptures)
Chelsea Market (I really wanted to eat here.) 
Time Life Building (In honor of my beloved Don Draper, I had to find this building.) 
Times Square (No need to go to Disneyland. All your favorite characters can be found on a street corner and without lines.)
Madison Square Garden (The poor Ranger fans left a bit unhappy while we were there.)

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