Spring soccer

So spring soccer...hmmm...there isn't much to say about it because we only ended up having four games due to the constant rain. I've never lived in a place where everything gets cancelled because of weather, but north Texas cancels all sporting events if fields are even slightly wet so we ended up paying a heap of money for less than a handful of games and a gold trophy. Oh well, we tried not to let our frustrations warp Mya's mind of soccer, and she loved it all the same. We got these pictures during and after her last game a week ago. We thought the game was going to be cancelled due to the gray skies, but they allowed them to play. Mya didn't do as well as she had hoped (notice the grumpy face during the game), but I think she's finally gotten over the shame of not making a goal. (To her credit, she made four during the previous game.)

I still maintain that soccer is not my favorite sport, but I sure do love watching Mya play. Genevieve is very excited for fall because she knows she is finally old enough to be just like her big sister. And Elle will be tagging along in no time.

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