Several weeks ago we visited Tim's uncle and aunt in Houston again. Tim's cousins were visiting from Miami so we decided to take advantage of having them close, and we drove the short distance to visit with them. We had a blast. The kids loved seeing their cousins, and they always enjoy seeing Jerry and Cindi.

Jerry and Cindi are technically Tim's uncle and aunt, but we have kind of adopted them as pseudo-grandparents for our girls. They call Jerry "grandpa Jerry," and we never correct them. One cannot ever have too many grandparents. Grandparents are wise and kind, and they have a unique way of showing kids love. Why should we ever limit the number of grandparent influences in our children's lives?

We feel so lucky to have Jerry and Cindi living relatively close to us. Family is so important to us. I strongly believe in creating as many lasting connections as possible, and I am trying to teach my girls that family always comes before anything else. My parents taught me that, and it is one of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned.

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