I love this song; I can't tell you how often I think of this song when I look at my girls. People always ask me what it's like having all girls, and I tell them I have nothing to compare it to because it's all I've ever had so to me it seems completely natural. We always wished to have a boy; you have no idea how much we wished for that, but it hasn't been our fate so we have learned to love the feminine influence in our home.

Sure, we have lots of tears and dramatic emotions, but we also have lots of nurturing, caring, and loving happening simultaneously. The girls are fiercely loyal to each other and to me and Tim. Mya often tells me that her favorite place to be is home with me (except when I'm grumpy--she says she'd rather be at school if I'm grumpy--oops). I have tried to make our home a place where the girls can thrive. We built a craft table awhile back, and I placed all sorts of paper, paints, glue, wooden sticks, scissors, stickers, markers and crayons at their disposal so they could create anything they wanted. (I removed the glitter because I do have my limits.) I also require that the girls play several times a day. I enjoy watching them play house or gym class. They are always inventing new shows to perform for me.

My girls are my world. I use to dream about visiting museums in the middle of the week and taking some much needed "me" time, but when it comes right down to it, I wouldn't trade this life for anything. I'll get my "me" time. Much sooner than I think I'd guess. Mya turns 7 this year. And Felicity's 1st birthday is staring at me in the face with each step she takes while gripping my fingertips. I'm not sure why I spend so much time dreaming of tomorrow when I have a pretty good today.

 Don't worry...they just put a frog on her head. ;)

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