sing to me Phil

I have multiple screens open at the moment. I am drowning in work this week. Well, if I'm going to be honest, I've been drowning all summer because it's impossible to keep my head above the proverbial deep waters when I've got 4 kids needing attention during my usual work hours.

Anyways, squeezing in a part-time job can be overwhelming. Do you all agree stay-at-home moms? My serious blogging friends have to find babysitters so they can write. Man, I'd love to do that. I have a few unfinished posts and projects that I'm dying to do, but my family comes first. Then my work. And then my projects, which usually means they get tucked away under large piles and collect dust while I focus on the other two things. But I'm not to worried about it. I'll have my time to write soon. 

Today as I work, I found this Phil Collins mix. And here we are together alone in my living room, singing in unison, one better than the other. Phil Collins always reminds me of my mother--well, my mother and Tarzan (because you'll be in my heart....). She used to blare his songs in our old gold sedan as we drove to the ice rink for my afternoon lessons. Oh mom, you used to love such good music! Phil is a goodie, an oldie but a goodie. His voice, much like Nicolas Cage, has a familiar tone to it and unlike Nicolas Cage's voice, it speaks to my soul. Something about a groovy kind of love and one more night and oh, think twice it's just another day in paradise just take me to another space in time. 

So thanks Phil. Thanks for making this hour pass a little quicker. Sing to me. 


  1. My mom always listened to Phil Collins when we were driving in our old Volvo sedan. I now know more of his lyrics than any other artist, and yet, couldn't tell you a title or sing you one from memory...but the second one of his songs comes on, I suddenly know ALL the words. I love that.

    1. That's how I feel! I never know the actual titles to his music, but I know every word. I love him. He's a classic.


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