Today has been a day.

Woke up with knee pain. Nearly got hit by a big, white truck on my run (PLEASE DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE!! SAVE THE RUNNERS!). Came home to an impatient dog waiting to be walked. Walked said dog who happened to be very disobedient the entire time. Came home to three loads of laundry waiting to be folded and three hungry bellies begging for chocolate milk. Made the chocolate milk (obviously not as fast as the little bellies wanted). Folded the three loads of laundry. Did my grueling ab workout. Took a 30 second shower only to realize today needed to be a 5 minute shower. Hopped back in the shower and washed my 3-day old hair. Hopped out to find Elle screaming at me because I wouldn't share my makeup. Poured three bowls of cereal. Cleaned up one bowl of cereal that she-who-will-not-be-named (Elle!!) dropped on the floor (again!!). Brushed three heads of hair. Hurried three little bodies upstairs to get dressed. Woke up a grumpy, sleepy baby. Drove 4 cranky children to the movie theater. Bought a ridiculously expensive bucket of popcorn and an extra-large drink. Found my seat between my whiny children. Divided popcorn into brown paper sacks. Cleaned popcorn off the floor from she-who-will-not-be-named (Elle!!). Poured a new bag for the stinker. Attempted to watch the movie. Passed out more treats. Ran out of treats 30 minutes into the movie. Took two ornery girls to the bathroom and politely threatened them to sit still until the end of the movie (did not work!). Passed the drink to she-who-will-not-be-named (Elle!!) and watched her drop the full cup on the floor. Tried very hard not to swear. Half-watched the end of the movie with the only child actually watching it. Wrangled the kids in the hot car and gave the screaming baby a piece of a graham cracker. Drove to Tim's work. Picked up a form that I then forgot to drop off at the proper location (children!!). Drove home. Nursed Felicity to sleep. Came out to find a pantiless Genevieve. Realized she peed in her panties again! Put said panties on her head after a wrestling match. Put a diaper on her naked bum and told her she was wearing diapers again. Listened to her cry and cry for about 20 minutes. Walked the dog. Used 3 bags to pick up his enormous poop (seriously're gross). Came home and hugged V. Attempted to come up with a solution to the accidental peeing problem. Came up empty. Worked for an hour. Talked to Mya about Jedi school for 10 minutes. Watched the girls put lipstick all over their faces but not on their lips. 

And that brings us to the current moment when I am just staring at the digital alarm clock on my dresser wondering why the hell it isn't 4:30 yet. How is this day not over yet? There were a few more tantrums and fights in there, but I could tell I was boring you so I decided to skip those. 

Well, my girls currently look like underage clowns, and Elle just smashed her finger in the door so I better now!!

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