the girls took all my towels.

I hopped out of my 2 minute shower this morning only to realize my girls had taken all the towels upstairs to dry their tan bodies. I looked around and was pleased to see one remaining hand towel dangling from the counter, waiting for me I presumed. I picked it up and dried my body in rapid speed because I could hear squealing upstairs, and I knew my alone time was running out. I quickly dressed and ran upstairs to find the room destroyed and the kids beaming with delight.

Our upstairs room is really their playground anyway, especially when it's 95 at 9am. I left the piles and forts, and I joined the girls on the ground. Every day is different, but really, every day is the same. And I'm really okay with that.

There are things I'd having an actual towel to dry off with after a shower, but I count my lucky stars when there is a hand towel because I hate to admit that I've dried off with much less. There are days I can't find anything lying around so I just fall backward on my bed and air dry as long as possible, which is about 2-3 minutes, before the girls come barging in asking me all sorts of annoying questions like, "Mom, why are you naked?" Or "Mom, why are you sleeping without clothes?" Or "Mom, why are you soooo embarrassing?" And so I jump off the bed and quickly dress myself with whatever I can find that doesn't have spit up on it, and I throw my 3-day hair in a top bun with a million bobby pins holding up the back, and I'm off for the day.

I wish I had a few extra minutes alone, but I'm okay that I don't. My girls are actually fairly respectful when I tell them I need a minute or two alone so I don't play that card too often because I don't want them to stop giving it to me.

I also wish I could snap my fingers and have the rooms clean themselves. I hate when I go out of town and come home to hear Tim say, "I don't know what you complain about. I had a great time with the girls." And then I think in my mind, yeah, well, did you clean the bathrooms? wash/dry/fold all the laundry? make every meal? clean all the dishes? sweep the floor? vacuum the floor? put all the toys in the correct places? did you? did you? did you?!!! :) But seriously, the homemaker part of motherhood really takes a huge chunk of time out of motherhood.

I guess those are the two biggest things I wish for everyday. I am so fortunate to have good girls who entertain themselves most of the time without any help from me, but I do wish I had a better imagination so I could join them more. I often hear them making up little things to play, and inside my mind I feel prompted to play with them, but then I don't because I know I'd get bored in about 20 seconds. Kids can play house and school for hours and hours, and I can play for about 5 minutes before I start remembering all the chores I need to be doing.

Oh, navigating each day is an adventure, and I'm so glad I enjoy doing it.

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