Elle's birthday

I know Elle's birthday was a month ago, but you know...let's just try to remember that although I used to be a good blogger who kept up with everything, I am now a full-time mom who tries to blog in my *cough, cough* free time. ;) 

Anyway, back to Elle. For months Elle had repeatedly told me and Tim every time we tucked her in that for her birthday she wanted Mickey cupcakes, Mickey letters, a Mickey watch, doughnuts and brownies. She also wanted her dad to--in her words--"poop on the kids," but we had to let her down on this request because a. that's gross and b. that's totally inappropriate. What is it with kids and poop?! Hahaha. We happily obliged to the other things she requested, and she had a great day. She told me that she felt really special when I tucked her in that night; I'd call it a success. 

I love this girl and her baby blue eyes. I'm so glad she is ours. 

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